The way to your perfect smile is so easy

The results you want in just three steps!
1: Consultation and dental scan

The way to your dream smile begins with a free consultation. You are accompanied through the entire process by our experienced dentists. In the personal consultation, you learn how your treatment will proceed. Our qualified dentists will take the time to answer your questions in detail.

Your teeth will be checked at the initial meeting. This check will show whether your teeth position (upper and lower jaws) can be corrected with transparent braces. An X-ray will also if necessary be created to rule out any risks during later treatment.

If the conditions for treatment are met, a digital image will be made of your teeth (upper and lower jaws) by means of a 3D scan. The digital data is available immediately and can be discussed with you. You will immediately learn what result you can expect from your treatment.

Good to know

  • This appointment is free.
  • It lasts just 30 minutes.
  • You can find other information worth knowing in the FAQs.
2: Treatment plan

You will receive your individual treatment plan a few days after your first appointment. This treatment plan shows you how your teeth position will change and how your smile will look once treatment has ended. It also shows how long treatment will last and how much it will cost in total.

Once you’ve decided on the treatment and agreed to the offer, we will make your transparent dental braces.

Good to know

  • Drawing up the treatment plan is free of charge.
  • You can also pay for the treatment in convenient monthly instalments.
  • You can find other information worth knowing in the  FAQs.
3: Wearing the dental braces

Your transparent dental braces will have been made and are ready for you after a further two weeks.

At another appointment in one of our Dental Centers, our dentists will show you how easy and practical it is to handle transparent dental braces and what you should consider. You will of course be able to ask any questions you may have.

In accordance with the treatment plan, from this time on you change the transparent dental braces at regular intervals. With each change, the precast dental braces move the teeth with gentle pressure to the desired position, step by step.

After just a few weeks, you’ll notice the first positive changes and in a few month you’ll be delighted with your new smile.

Good to know

  • During treatment, there will be two interim check-ups and a final appointment at the end.
  • If you have any questions or problems during treatment, our dentists will always be on hand for you free of charge.
  • You can find other points worth knowing in the FAQs.
Comparison: Smiletogo aligner vs. metal brace
Smiletogo aligner
  • Transparent plastic
  • Flexible brace made out of BPA-free plastic
  • No restrictions on eating and no difficulties in terms of oral hygiene
  • No effect on speech
  • No irritations to the cheeks and lips
Metal brace
  • Visible metal
  • Fixed brace with fixed metal wire and glued brackets
  • Restrictions on eating and difficulties in terms of oral hygiene
  • Speech may be affected
  • May lead to irritations and injuries to cheeks and lips
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