Dental Center Geneva

The Dental Center is situated at Rue du Môle 36, only a few minutes’ walk from the railway station.

Scanzentrum Genf
Rue du Môle 36
1201 Genf

Since 2019 our patients receive a free 3D-tooth scan at our scan center in Geneva (Rue du Môle 36). You are assisted by an experienced team of dentists and dental practitioners during your orthodontic treatment.

Other scan centers can be found at the following locations:

Scan center Lausanne
Scan center Zurich
Scan center Bern

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Please select the place, date and time for your free 3D dental scan in the form. The appointment for the free scan lasts less than 30 minutes.

• The scanning center Geneva is located at Rue du Môle 36.
• The scanning center Lausanne is located at Rue Ecole-de-Commerce 3.
• The scanning center Zurich is located 100 meters from the main train station (Bahnhofstrasse 94).
• The scanning center Bern is located directly next to the train station (Bubenbergplatz 10).

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