Frequently asked questions.

ForYouFirst General

Our corporate name is a combination of For You, since our clients receive personal, individual treatment, and First, which stands for our insistence on providing a first-class service.

ForYouFirst AG was founded in 2017 by Dr Christoph Appert, Dent Med Pedro Gonçalves and Dr A Brice Kounga. All three have many years’ experience in dentistry.

You can easily pay for your treatment by means of advance payment, invoice, credit card or by instalments.

ForYouFirst can be contacted by phone on: +41 81 511 55 80 (DE/FR/EN). You can email us at info@foryoufirst.com.

Arrange an appointment

You can simply register online for one of the available appointments. Alternatively you can phone us on +41 81 511 55 80.

Please call us 24 hours before your appointment so that we can use the time made available for other clients.

The unforeseen means that delays can happen. Just call us and let us know when you can come and see us. We will do our best to arrange a later appointment for you on the same day.

Smiletogo – Am I treatable?

Smiletogo aligners are designed for comfortable, discreet and aesthetic correction of crooked teeth in adults and adolescents (from 14 years of age).

Smiletogo aligners are suitable for correcting many tooth misalignments. Our specialists will assess whether your tooth misalignment can be corrected. Please register for a free consultation to receive such an assessment.

Bridges connect two or more teeth. Connected teeth are less easy to move with an aligner. Your ForYouFirst specialist will let you know whether a correction is possible. Crowns do not hinder treatment with aligners.

Smiletogo aligners are suitable for closing gaps. The wearing recommendation must be observed if treatment is to be successful.

Each treatment with Smiletogo aligners begins with an analysis by our specialists. They will clarify whether your teeth can be treated. Our aligners have been developed for easy to moderately difficult cases of tooth misalignments. They can correct gaps between teeth, crooked teeth and teeth situated one above the other.

These cases must be clarified individually by our specialists.

In some cases it’s also possible to use aligners with missing teeth. But this first needs to be clarified by our specialists.

Treatment is possible from the age of 14. All the permanent teeth, including the second molars (rearmost cheek teeth), must be present. Parental consent is required for patients under the age of 18. A parental consent form will be emailed on request.

Smiletogo – Treatment procedure

The aligner must be worn at least 22 hours a day. You should only remove it when eating and drinking (except when drinking water).

When first used, you can typically feel a gentle pressure on your teeth. The same thing happens when you change to a subsequent aligner. This is completely normal, since the teeth need to get used to the new position. In most cases this feeling of pressure disappears after a few days. If symptoms persist longer, you should first contact our service line.

We follow your treatment from afar. You can contact the ForYouFirst specialist staff by email or phone at any time. In the case of problems requiring dental care, however, additional check-ups can be carried out at any time.

This can happen at the beginning of treatment. Patients usually get used to the aligner after a few days, and speech returns to normal.

The length of treatment varies from patient to patient. Treatments lasts on average from four to nine months.

Aligners are completely transparent and thus almost invisible. This transparency means that use is discreet compared to traditional metal braces.

After a dental correction, a brace known as a retainer must be worn to prevent the corrected teeth being displaced again. This enables the new tooth position to be maintained. The retainer is included in the price of the ForYouFirst package. The retainer need only be worn at night.

Drinks and solid foodstuffs may lead to discoloration or deformation of the aligner. You therefore need to remove the aligner before eating and drinking (except when drinking water) and to brush your teeth thoroughly after eating.

Straightened teeth are easier to clean and therefore prevent the build-up of bacteria, which may be harmful to the mouth, the stomach or even the heart. Good dental health promotes general well-being.

No. Since the aligner can easily be removed before eating and drinking, there are no dietary restrictions. The aligner must also be removed when eating and drinking (except for water).

Smoking should be given up when wearing the aligner since the aligner may discolour and weaken.

Chewing gum should be given up when wearing an aligner since gum can adhere to the aligner and damage it.

Yes, the aligner can be worn during sporting activities without any problem but it does not replace a  mouthguard (e.g. when boxing or playing ice hockey).

We recommend cleaning the alignere with cold running water and a toothbrush. If additional cleaning is necessary, you can clean the aligner in a glass of cold water with a cleaning tablet (e.g. Kukident or Corega tabs).

Our patients usually drop in on ForYouFirst for three follow-up appointments. At these three appointments, a ForYouFirst dentist reviews the correct course of treatment and is on hand to answer any questions. ForYouFirst patients also have the option of contacting our hotline by phone or email at any time and if necessary dropping in on us for an additional check-up. The three planned check-ups are included in the package price as are the hotline support and any additional appointments.

Smiletogo – Costs

Our efficiency means budget savings for you without compromising on quality. As a result of a reduction in monthly visits to the dentist and efficiency gains in our processes (we focus on aligner therapy), ForYouFirst can offer dental corrections at an attractive price.

Many supplementary dental insurance policies cover the costs of treatment with aligners. But health insurance policies and the individual insurance solutions differ greatly so individual clarification with your insurer is necessary. Please ask ForYouFirst for taxpoint-compliant invoicing for clarification with your insurer.

The price is determined by three factors. Complexity of the treatment and the corresponding material used (such as attachments), as well as the desired result, which is aimed at.

An exact cost estimate (quotation) is only possible after a scan, individual case planning and the availability of the X-ray images.

Smiletogo – Function of aligners

Aligners are made out of a BPA-free plastic which is biocompatible and feels soft to the touch.

Dental braces made out of metal are visible while transparent aligners are virtually invisible. Aligners are also comfortable to wear. Flexible aligners do not require any adjustments and do not compromise eating habits and oral hygiene. On the other hand, metal braces are sometimes uncomfortable and even painful since the metal wires and brackets can cause irritations to cheeks and lips.

Dental corrections are sometimes possible on only one dental arch. But in certain cases dental correction on one dental arch changes your bite (when closing teeth between upper and lower jaws), necessitating a correction of upper and lower jaws. At the initial consultation, our dentist will let you know whether correction is possible with only one dental arch.

Smiletogo – Dental scan

Our modern scanners take a high-resolution colour image of the individual teeth without any contact. This 3D data enables our specialists to plan your individual treatment.

The entire scanning time takes no longer than 30 minutes.

3D dental scans are always carried out by a dentist or in the dentist’s presence. The dentist present can check your general dental health as a result of which any risks are minimized.

At the initial consultation your treatment will be discussed with the dentist present. A few days later you will receive the detailed treatment plan from us on which you can see the final result from different angles. You will also receive a short animation showing the movements of your teeth during treatment.

Smiletogo – Solving problems

Please contact the ForYouFirst service line immediately. We will send you a replacement within a matter of days.

If the aligner does not fit or is very uncomfortable to wear, please contact our service line.

You can contact our specialists at any time during treatment by phone or email.

Bleachtogo – Functionality

Disturbances in enamel formation can be inherited, caused by injury or violence, or caused by a deficient diet. Let our specialists advise you on whether there’s a solution.

Teeth bleaching is a simple and safe way to whiten dark and yellow teeth. Even stains caused by heavy smoking, drinking tea or red wine and drug use can be removed by whitening. There are a number of whitening methods. What they have in common is that active oxygen in varying concentrations whitens the enamel.

Before using teeth whitening methods, the surfaces of the teeth need to be thoroughly cleaned (professional teeth cleaning) to fully remove any accumulations present or discolorations caused by food and beverages. It is also important to make sure that the teeth are caries-free and that there are no symptoms of periodontal disease, such as bleeding gums or gum pockets, before using teeth whitening measures.

Fillings or the ceramic or plastic veneers of crowns or bridges are not affected by teeth whitening. As a result, the restoration may be more visible after the treatment as they differ in colour from the whitened teeth.

Bleachtogo – Possible risks

According to the scientific studies currently available, there are no negative effects on the hard tooth substance provided the application rules are observed. Patients occasionally notice an increased sensitivity of the teeth after whitening therapy.

There are currently no known side effects provided the application rules are observed and excess bleaching gel is thoroughly removed. Nor is there currently any scientific data to suggest that allergies might occur.

Bleachtogo – Different methods

With home bleaching, a retainer is created which the patient coats with a bleaching gel and wears at night. This procedure is particularly suitable if the patient wishes to white a complete jaw.

These strips come under the area of cosmetics since the gel’s concentration is very low and success does not therefore last very long.

The methods of teeth whitening differ mainly in the concentration of the active ingredient in the bleaching agents used. Thus tooth whiteners from the drugstore or pharmacy are lower in their concentration and do not always therefore achieve the same whitening results as methods used in dental practice.

Cleantogo – Treatment

Even with very good oral hygiene, it is often difficult to clean interdental spaces and tooth surfaces perfectly. This is often made even more difficult by poorly designed restorations such as crowns and bridges. If the bacterial plaque that naturally accumulates on your teeth during the day is not removed sufficiently, it can lead to caries, gingivitis and in the worst case even to inflammation of the periodontium. This can be effectively prevented by regular visits to our dental hygienists.

Apart from thoroughly cleaning your teeth, our dental hygienists will advise you on oral hygiene measures and give you instructions and resources to improve your daily oral hygiene.

Current scientific studies suggest two dental hygiene sessions a year are ideal if gum damage and caries are to be best avoided. However, the treatment intervals must be determined individually. One session per year is sufficient for caries-free adolescents without any dental problems, and more than two sessions per year may even be necessary for older people with difficult oral hygiene.