Cleaning and protecting teeth

Professional teeth cleaning for healthy teeth
  • prevention of caries
  • prevention of dental inflammation
  • comfortably clean teeth
What is Cleantogo?
Gut geschützter Zahn

Caries is harmful to your teeth – regular deep cleaning helps and prevents caries.

Schutz für die Zähne

Regular teeth cleaning strengthens the gums and protects against inflammations.

Saubere Zähne

Professional removal of tartar protects your teeth and gives you a pleasantly fresh sensation.

Benefit from Cleantogo
Treatment method

Professional, painless teeth cleaning.
For refreshingly clean teeth


Effective prevention stops
expensive treatments.
Once or twice a year for healthy teeth

Fixed-price deal

Professional teeth cleaning at a fixed price creates transparency and confidence.
All inclusive for CHF 140

Enthusiastic clients

They took their time for me and the ForYouFirst lady was very considerate and careful.

Robert R. – Zollikhofen

Super friendly, professional dental hygiene,
Clear explanations. 
Many thanks.

Moritz F. – Bern

Extremely pleasant, no pain and afterwards this super feeling of smooth, clean teeth.

Gabriella P. – Zurich

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