In terms of dental care, what needs to be paid attention to during an aligner therapy?

A good oral hygiene and a daily thorough cleaning of your aligners are important for a successful tooth correction.

General oral hygiene:
A good oral hygiene is important to prevent dental disease and bad breath. A clean mouth is the first step in starting a dental correction. It is imperative that tartar and plaque are removed before starting the aligner treatment. The use of aligners does not increase the formation of plaque or tartar, but it does not prevent it either.

Solution: ForYouFirst recommends a visit to the dental hygienist at least twice a year during the aligner correction to ensure that tartar  that could prevent your teeth from moving, is formed.

Aligners Cleaning:
Clean aligners are very important during tooth correction. Dried saliva and plaque create a perfect breeding ground for bad smelling bacteria and discolorations of your transparent aligners. It is just as important to brush the aligners as it is to brush your teeth. As a rule of thumb, you should clean your aligners with the same frequency as your teeth.

There are many ways to keep your aligners clean and bacteria-free

Here are some ways to keep your aligners clean:

Water with non-abrasive soap:
Mix lukewarm water with some soap and d. This will help remove the plaque from your aligners while restoring gloss.

Water and peroxide (oxygenated water):
Mix a peroxide solution with cold water and leave your aligner in this mixture for about 30 minutes. Then rinse with cold water and wear the aligner. This is one of our preferred ways of cleaning aligners as peroxide is not abrasive and one of the strongest antiseptics.

Water and cleaning tablet:
Put the aligner in a glass of lukewarm water, add a cleaning tablet (for example Corega Tabs or Kukident) and let it work for about 20 to 30 minutes. Then simply rinse the aligners under running water and they are ready to use again.

Certain things you shouldn’t do:
DO NOT brush your aligners with toothpaste:

In case you are not sure if your toothpaste contain abrading components, we recommend that you brush your aligner only with cold water. Abrasives may scratch your aligners and make them more visible and favorable environment to bacterial proliferation.

Bleach and water are NOT suitable:
Bleaches are very strong chemicals and we recommend not to use them for cleaning aligners as they could damage them.


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