Is teeth whitening harmful?

As long as you follow the instructions of your dentist, whitening your teeth is considered safe. Always follow the product instructions. Contact your dentist in case of any side effects.

You would like to have perfectly snow-white teeth, but you are afraid of damaging your teeth with bleaching.
Teeth whitening is a long proven and scientifically well documented technique and is considered safe. However, there are some precautions to be taken. It is important that you have your teeth examined by a dental professional before bleaching. If untreated caries or leaking crowns are present, the bleaching gel can penetrate the tooth and irritate the nerve. This must be sort out beforehand, even if you want to bleach your teeth yourself with products that are freely available for sale.

Tooth discoloration can be caused by external factors such as food or smoking, but can also be caused by medication, infections, tooth injuries or with age.

The peroxides contained in the bleaching gel penetrate the tooth and chemically destroy the discolorations. This makes the teeth white.

Bleaching makes the enamel slightly less resistant to abrasion. According to scientific studies, this effect disappears after five to ten days and the tooth recovers its hardness. If bleaching is carried out correctly, it has only one known side effect: it can lead to increased cold-warm sensitivity of the teeth in the short term. However, this effect fades out two to three days after bleaching at the latest, usually after only a few hours.

Basically there are three categories of bleaching:

  1. free sale gels
  2. gels administered by the dentist and used at home
  3. gels administered by the dentist, which are used in the practice

The freely available gels are very low-dosed and therefore show only little bleaching effect. In addition, they are not tested for their suitability by a specialist. The gels prescribed by the dentist are highly effective and you also have the safety of a medical assistance.
The bleaching solution offered by ForYouFirst belongs to category 2 (used by the dentist at home). By using digital impression taking, the fit of the bleaching trays is extremely good and the bleaching gel is ideally distributed on the teeth. This results in an even whitening of all teeth and significantly better results than with conventional methods.

ForYouFirst Digital Bleaching was developed by world-class dentists with knowledge of the latest technologies in the field of aesthetic dentistry.

At ForYouFirst you get bleaching gel from the world leader in peroxide with a concentration of 16 percent. This enables effective whitening without major side effects and with the safety of dental prescribed products.

Since you use the product at home, you can decide for yourself how white you want your teeth to be. The bleaching trays can be reused for many years. By buying more gel you can save a lot of money for further applications.

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