How much does a
aligner treatment cost?

Our best prices

Complete package for upper OR lower jaw: from 1’990 CHF.
Complete package for upper AND lower jaw: from 2’990 CHF.

one jaw

no hidden costs or nasty surprises
ab CHF 1'990
  • Treatment upper or lower jaw
  • All dates
  • All Aligners
  • Attachments
  • Retainer
  • full service

both jaws

no hidden costs or nasty surprises
ab CHF 2'990
  • Treatment of both parts of the jaw
  • All dates
  • All Aligner
  • Attachments
  • Retainer
  • full service

The package comprises:

  • All appointments
  • All necessary aligners
  • Attachments (if needed)
  • Round-the-clock support
  • Retainers
  • Fees and VAT

At ForYouFirst we firmly believe that everyone has the right to beautiful teeth. That’s why we are committed to offering transparent braces at fair and reasonable prices.

briefly explained

Our efficiency saves your budget without compromising the quality of the result. By reducing the number of monthly visits to the orthodontist and dentist, we eliminate a large part of the treatment costs that arise with fixed braces.

You will be examined by an experienced dentist at your first visit, who will assess your tooth malposition for treatment with Smiletogo aligners. Through the efficient use of on-site follow-up examinations, ForYouFirst can offer the Aligner therapy at an attractive price.


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Cost transparency

After the dental scan, you will receive a treatment plan that includes the number of aligners, duration, cost as well as an animated simulation of your orthodontic treatment. We then are happy to take your order if the proposed treatment plan and conditions meet your expectations.

Do dental insurance cover the costs of aligner therapy?

Many dental insurance companies cover the costs of treatment with invisible braces. However, we recommend to consult with your insurance company individually.

Payment modalities

The treatment can be paid in advance or in instalments. The payment by instalments is handled by our partner “MF Group Billing AG”.

MF Group Billing AG reserves the right to not offer all customers a payment by instalments.


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